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frank tarantino jr: Bio

Let Me Be Frank

The title of my CD "Let Me Be frank"
is not only the title,
it also symbolizes my feelings for the music I
hold near and dear. Music can trigger emotions and
memories. Music gives me the support I need to get
through the hard times and to celebrate the good
times. No matter what your mood, there is a song that
expresses it. Music is always near.

Lyrics complete a song and tell a story. Each
musician and each listener interprets the song in a
unique way, bringing to it their own experiences,
memories and emotions. In relationships, too, each
person interprets, reacts and behaves according to

their own history and background.

Music and relationships, they are inseparable. I do
not know one without the other. The people we are
close to and who influence us the most have the same
interests. The actor, artist, dancer, musician and
audience are drawn to one another in appreciation of
the art and the artist's talent.

Music and dance are the only art forms that exist in a
moment in time and then they are gone. No two
performances are ever exactly the same. That makes
music exciting, challenging, humbling and very

I wanted the music on this CD to be spontaneous, to
convey that "moment in time" feeling. I asked my
musicians to come to the studio not knowing what tunes
we were playing. We talked over each number before
recording, and recorded the first take on all.
The result is fresh, original and creative.

It is a privilege to play with my fellow musicians on
this recording:

Mike Murphy (drums).

Theo Meriwether (piano).

Gary Williams (guitar).